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50th year celebration ''WE'RE NOT DONE YET'' Developing the youth future, while enhancing the community

50th year celebration ''WE'RE NOT DONE YET'' Developing the youth future, while enhancing the community

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TO: Association Contacts
Cc: League Contacts
Regional Administrators
FROM: Wynn Jessup, Chairman, National Board of Directors, Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc.
DATE: January, 2013
SUBJECT: Parental Behavior
The National Board of Directors of Pop Warner has discussed with increasing concern the number and severity of incidents of parental violence and misbehavior in youth sports.
We unanimously endorse parent meetings and parental education in all local Pop Warner Associations. We strongly recommend that every Pop Warner Association have at least one pre-season, or early season, meeting with parents of all participants.
Pop Warner Leagues, and their member Associations, should make clear what types of behavior are unacceptable, and that there are consequences for such inappropriate actions. At the minimum, unacceptable behavior includes profanity, obscene gestures, verbal threats and physically threatening action.
We have all seen and heard in the media numerous stories of verbal and physical attacks. None of us want to see any violent or profane occurrences in Pop Warner. If not already detailed, each Pop Warner League should include in their By-Laws one or more policies that specify possible penalties for unacceptable behavior. Such penalties may include banning from practices and competitions of any parent(s) or other adult guilty of unacceptable behavior. In some rare cases, it may be necessary to prohibit participation of a child in Pop Warner due to repeated instances of inappropriate actions or words by a parent, guardian or family member.
Several states have enacted laws that elevated any act of violence at a youth sports event to felony level. On the one hand, it’s encouraging that laws can help protect our volunteers, but, on the other hand, it’s extremely disturbing that those laws are necessary.
As a Board of Directors, we want all of you to be proactive in dealing with this inflammatory and potentially dangerous issue. Let us all make our best efforts to allow the children in Pop Warner to have fun without rude or intimidating interruptions from parents and adults.
The appropriate language for enforcement can be found in the National Rule Book under “Adult Code of Conduct.”.


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