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50th year celebration ''WE'RE NOT DONE YET'' Developing the youth future, while enhancing the community

50th year celebration ''WE'RE NOT DONE YET'' Developing the youth future, while enhancing the community

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Year-Round Cheerleading Teams:  

Traditional: August 1 - December 31 (and) 
Year-Round: January 1 - July 31.

1. The following will take place in the Year-RoundPROGRAM.

a)  All Traditional and Year-Roundteams will follow the same procedures and calendar as the Traditional program for registration,INSURANCE and roster submission. (i.e., Traditional rosters are due on the first Monday in October, Year-Round Rosters are due by February 1).

i)  A Traditional squadCONTINUING on to the Year Round program must have competed in the AYC League, Region and National Traditional Spirit Championships, if qualified, in order to be approved for the Year Round Season.  Squads that follow this rule will be permitted to compete in the JAMZ Youth National Championship without filing for Year Round.  Any additional competitions require filing for Year Round Status.    Each league, Region will enforce this rule and shall have authority to place sanctions on any league, association or squad that violates this rule up to and including sanction for the next season or longer.

ii)  Year Round Head Cheer/Dance Coaches must complete the online ASEP Education and Testing to be eligible to coach.  Head Cheer/Dance Coaches who fail to take the ASEPONLINE COURSE will be immediately removed from coaching until successful completion of online course.

iii)  The Year Round Team Declaration Form must be approved in the same manner as the Traditional season under the guidance of the League and Region Cheer Coordinators uponCERTIFICATION of the Year Round Squad Roster.

b)  Year-Round squads are only rostered from 1/1 to 7/31 of each year. There will be no Year-Round squads during the Traditional AYC season. 

c)  Year-Round Participants must have participated in the traditional season (8/1 to 12/31) in order to participate in the Year RoundPROGRAM in the Junior Peewee, Peewee, Junior Midget and Midget/Unlimited Divisions.  Note: Tiny Mite and Mitey Mite participants (from 8/1 to 12/31) are not permitted to roster in the Year Round Program (from 1/1 to 7/31).  Exception to c):  If a Year Round participant did not cheer or dance in the previous Traditional season with AYC, and during that same time period the child did not cheer on a High School or All-Star Cheer/Dance Team, then the child will be eligible to participate after being certified through his or her local League per Part III, Article 10:CERTIFICATION S4: prior to that team submitting a Year-Round roster to Regional and National.  (see paragraph b above.)  In addition, any new participants will need to go through the conditioning period as described in the Rules Book under Practice/Conditioning.

d)  A Year-Round team must compete in one competition during the Year Round season, January 1 to July 31. Only those teams that are rostered as Year-Round will be permitted to compete in competitions from 1/1 to 7/31. All Year-Round Spiritteams must follow the rules and guidelines in the Official AYF?AYC Rulebook.   All non-AYC competitions must adhere to the same guidelines and age groups as Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc.

i.  The team that is competing mustSUBMIT a copy of the competition guidelines (non-AYF/AYC) to the League Cheer Coordinator for review and approval by the Region Cheer & Dance Coordinator.

ii.  All Year-Round Teams mustREGISTER and identify themselves as a AYF/AYC Team in all non-AYC competitionsEVENTS (i.e,, Teams are required to use “AYC” In their team name (i.e., Langhorne AYC  Hawks). We also require that each squad member wear the official Pop Warner patch for the competition/event.

iii.  The AYC Team must compete in a Youth/Recreation or similar division in a non-AYC competition.

e) All Year participants must return to their respective association spirit squads on 8/1 immediately following the Year-Round season.

2.  The AYC Spirit Championships consist of Traditional Spirit Divisions only. There will not be a Year-Round division in the Pop Warner National Championships in December.


The ages of all spirit participants in thePROGRAM shall correspond to the overall ages that the League is permitting for players, unless League rules dictate that the ages of the spirit squad shall correspond to the playing ages of the squad with which they are associated.

ThePARTICIPANT'S age on July 31st of the current year shall be the participant's age for the coming season.



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